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  • Leptin Weight Loss Tea Leptin Weight Loss Tea
  • Leptin Weight Loss Tea Leptin Weight Loss Tea

Leptin Weight Loss Tea

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Leptin Weight Loss Tea

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The main function of leptin is to coordinate metabolic, endocrine and behavioral responses to starvation.
It turns out that both leptin and insulin as an indicator of the clock. Which can disrupt the functioning of insulin, equally affects the functioning of leptin. By far the worst disorder carbohydrates in the diet, consisting of or derived from starch or sugar, and high blood sugar oscillations that such food triggers. To it belong bread, cereals, potatoes and other starchy vegetables, pasta, rice and alcohol (that, unfortunately, the wine and beer). "Natural" sugars, such as processed honey, agave and maple syrup, can be similarly problematic. High-fructose corn syrup is deadly. Stimulants like caffeine and cause excessive fluctuations in blood sugar. Consumption of these substances lead initially to a high increase in leptin, which overwhelms the hypothalamus gland so that eventually cease to consider leptin signals. The next victim in a series of your adrenal glands and the HPA (t. I. Pitituarno-hypothalamic-adrenal) axis. This axis becomes unbalanced, additionally it can suppress thyroid function, because the body is trying to protect this your "engine". Adrenal blow if they are constantly bombarded abnormal signals that communicate the chronic need to manage the extreme blood sugar levels, but can also cause decreased thyroid function, thereby preventing the body that will be in the current chronic stress completely blown. Here things begin to unfold. The combination of leptin imbalance, glycaemia, excess insulin, adrenal fatigue and oxidation of glucose is "super fast highway" in the direction of chronic fatigue syndrome, deterioration of the body and disease. Add next few trans fats (eg. Of margarine and refined vegetable oils for cooking) and put the last nail in the coffin.
Our company is a natural fat as raw cream and butter, presents itself as the worst enemy of health, in fact, they are our best friend and Savior.
When the food we consume enough fat and in addition do not eat carbohydrates, fats give us a feeling of satiety and slowing the secretion of the hormone leptin. Leptin us then helps to control feelings of hunger, because the hypothalamus sends messages to the "good catch". Our fat stores become more expendable and easier to burn for energy. Fibres from vegetables give us additional feeling of fullness, which may help, but they are actually fat ones that really satisfy our appetite and prevent overeating. Leptin weight loss tea has a positive impact on the level of leptin in the body
The composition of the item (1 tea bags):
Green tea 2 g
Green Coffee Extract 300 mg
Garcinia Cambogia 300 mg
African mango seed extract 200 mg
Acai berries 100 mg
Resveratrol 50 mg
Collagen 50 mg
Use: 1 bag of boil 1 liter of tea and drink it throughout the day.

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