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You have currently in the body of 400 to 800 different chemicals. Food, water, air, drugs, stress, cosmetics etc. contribute to the accumulation of toxins that accumulate many years. Toxins in the body slow down the functioning of the body, causing illness and delay recovery!

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Reflex based on the assumption that the feet are a microcosm in which is reflected the whole body. Individual points on the soles of the feet are related to specific parts of the body (bodies, organic systems) and reflect the state of the individual parts. By massaging certain zone triggers a response (reflex) in the corresponding body parts and equilibrated their operations and, consequently, the functioning of the whole organism.
Reflexology is a therapeutic method of massage individual zones of the foot relaxes and harmonizes the whole body, and thus a beneficial effect on human health and well-being.
Body toxins
Soles are sensitivities in second place - right behind the heart. In order to protect the body of toxins transmit as far away from the heart, which is the collection of toxins in the lower part of the body, specifically in the soles. The combination of herbs and other natural ingredients gently heated and open akopunkturne points on the soles of the feet, and then your body absorb toxins.
Why is detoxification important
Our body is extremely, because for thousands of years to develop, according to the changes in our lifestyles - the type of food and also to climate change. We have also developed an exceptional mechanism that allows us to self-medication. Unfortunately, evolution can not fully follow our rapid changes in lifestyle, environment and nutrition.
One of the major changes in our body has an increased intake of toxins. These harmful additives that are present in modern chemical and process industries. Toxins are present in the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat. Despite great pressure from the public to a level of toxins, as well as their absorption in our body, it is still increasing. Consequently, there is also a body acidity (acidosis). The body is simply not capable of such rapid purification, so toxins "interfere" in our normal bodily functions such as protection and restoration, food absorption, immune system, energy levels, ability to concentrate, etc. acidosis.
With high levels of toxins in our body, our cells become inhibitory and inefficient, nutrients, they can not be well-absorbed. We become tired, irritable, losing concentration and, most importantly, we become susceptible to diseases and viruses. Several times we get sick of colds, flu and other diseases associated with poor immune systems.
The last 100 years has brought too many changes - our body needs help!
Akopunkturne points and detoxification
Toxins travel of the upper body toward the bottom, as a result of the protection body sends toxins as far away from the heart. That means the collection of toxins in the lower part of the body, specifically in the ankle and toes. Such accumulation of toxic substances can lead to many diseases.
The science of reflexology can see your feet as channels to many internal organs. More than 60 akopunkturnih points located on the soles of the feet. Patches contain natural ingredients with a combination of bamboo vinegar, infrared energy and the accumulation of negative ions stimulate acupuncture points and thus the entire body. The result is visible in the intensive functioning of the lymphatic system and the outflow of toxic substances.
The pads are worn during sleep while the body is at rest. The combination of herbs and other natural ingredients gently at first warm and open akopunkturne points on the soles and then the body absorbs toxins.
Detoxification begins in the heart of our feet.
Ingredients: Tree vinegar
It is obtained from oak trees grown in Japan. It has excellent properties to absorb and is ideal for use in physical therapy to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Produced on nature-friendly way.
Bamboo vinegar
Due to the strong absorption properties help the body to eliminate excess water, heavy metals and other toxic elements. Produced with the patented pharmaceutical method.
Natural mineral that emits purifying and soothing energy to the human nervous system. Tourmaline is best known as the only mineral that emits infrared heat and negative ions.
It contains malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, carotene and vitamins (A, B and C). Leaves and seeds lokvata contain vitamin B17, which promotes the secretion of body fluids. He was known for more than 3000 years ago and has been used in various therapies in Buddhist medicine. In India the title "king of herbal medicine."
It is obtained from chitin, the main component of crustacean shell. Products from chitosan used in medicine for more rapid healing of wounds, especially burns and inflamed skin. It has anti-bacterial effect, in addition, serves as a pacemaker secretion pathological substances and liquids.
In Japanese, Korean and Chinese medicine it is known as a cure for all diseases. It has a characteristic odor and a strong antibacterial effect.
Eucalyptus has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable fiber, vitamin C and dextrin. Instructions for use: application patches is possible in 2 ways:
On the soles of the feet: for the best performance should be installed patches on both legs.
In other areas: The patches can be installed directly to the painful site. For best effect, install patches on the soles of both feet and also on the painful parts of the body. Patches are easy to use; bedtime easily install patches on the soles of the feet, which previously wash and remove them in the morning. The beneficial effect of detoxifying patches immediately visible. In the morning, you awake revitalized and fresh and filled with extra energy.

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