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  • Biostile Immuno sun special Biostile Immuno sun special

Immuno Sun Complet

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Biostile Immuno sun kit contains all the supplements to boost your Immune system.

  • Immuno Sun, 30 capsules

  • Immuno Sun Powder, 30 bags 

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Biostile Immuno sun The kit contains Immuno Sun, 30 capsules and Immuno Sun Powder, 30 sachets, all supplements to strengthen your immune system.


Biostile Immuno Sun Capsules containing vitamin C, D, B6, B12, folic acid.

Immune Sun Special situations pose special challenges for us. That is why we at Biovis, under the guidance of experts, have developed a special product that will help you strengthen and protect your immune system. Immune sun is a kit for strengthening the immune system, consisting of capsules and a powdered drink. Its ingredients actively support the immune system.

Imuno sun CAPSULES contain: Reishi sponge, one of the most powerful immunostimulants. Doctors recommend it for all herpes, aphthae, shingles, all autoimmune diseases and in general colds, airways and sinuses. Reishi mushrooms are known in China as Lingzhi, which means “mushroom of immortality”. These are wild mushrooms that grow on decaying logs and trunks. Reishi mushrooms have been shown to increase blood flow, work extremely well on the cardiovascular system and effectively support the functioning of the immune system. The body can obtain the optimal amount of vitamin D from direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the time of year and the weather prevent us from the desired exposure to the sun, so we "packaged" the sun in the new product Immuno sun. The product contains a high value of vitamin D3 to keep our immune system as supportive as possible. The source of vitamin D3 is a natural form, from deer lichen, which means that the product is also suitable for vegans. Vitamin D is important for the normal growth of bones and teeth, it is important for the normal functioning of muscles, it takes care of a well-functioning immune system, as this is the only way for the body to fight bacteria, fungi and viruses. If we want to maintain a strong immune system in the winter, we need to enter elevated levels of vitamin C into our body. The immune system contains a high value of vitamin C from a natural source of pomegranate, which means that it works with prolonged action. Therefore, we can say that we have an exceptional product in front of us. But that's not all. We also added vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, which take care of our blood vessels and the breakdown of the amino acid homocysteine ​​in our body. This is often the biggest enemy of our heart and blood vessels, which is formed in the body under the influence of stress, and this is part of everyday life nowadays.

Immuno Sun drink contains:

  • a high dose of magnesium from three different sources, which allows us the best absorption,
  • vitamin C from a natural rosehip source, which means it works with prolonged action
  • vitamin B2.

The refreshing taste gives us enough strength, relaxes our heart and muscles and further strengthens our immune system. The product is intended for everyone who feels a drop in the immune system, is contagious, has inflammation of the respiratory organs, canker sores, herpes, sinuses, anyone who is tired, has many diseases, is taking medication and has vascular problems. Immune sun is indispensable in autumn and winter days. Depending on the situation we are in, it is an effective help to strengthen and protect your immune system. Take care of your health and stay healthy.

Daily dose of Imuno sun capsule: Take one capsule daily (1x1); at breakfast.

Daily dose of Imuno sun powder: Mix 1 powder in 2dc of water in the morning at breakfast.

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